Sunday, August 31, 2008

the importance of the woods

I'm back in America and more nationalistic than ever! Pictures later.

But here's the text from an old Okinawan shopping bag I just cleaned out of my closet.

These articles bring the warmly felt quality of European styles custom fit to bring a full life to all who enjoy them. The soft caress of warm spring winds are the essence of our philosophies of quality ingredients, ability and honesty. Dedication to soft sumptuous, and radiant items for the customer is the cornerstone of our foundation. Complete joy is assured retroactively to all who partake in this offering. A feeling of complete freedom and individuality is the reward for zealous pursuit of inspiration. This design means the importance of the woods. It was provided by Japanese Oji&Kuri.



Friday, May 02, 2008

count down begins

Three weeks and I'm outa here!

With this crazy faced graham cracker.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

mac attack

Climbing with Katie at the boulder fields. I've never seen a girl with painted nails be this hardcore.

I had a two second video (that won't upload) of me climbing the problem that's responsible for my pulled butt. The last move is slinging your leg up and using it to haul the rest of your body weight up and over the mantle. Thus my butt still hurts even though it's been well over a month.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

recent fun

I was ringing up a lady at the Mountain High counter and the phone rang. Hello, I said.
"Shouldn't you be working harder!?" the other voice said.
"What?" Which dork is this, I thought.
"Shouldn't you be working harder!?" the other voice said again. I knew who it was.
"Hey buttface." Yeah, it was definitely Alex Hooks. Our old manager who we love to pieces even though he ditched us for a road trip.

I asked him what he was doing.

"Well that sounds fun. You've just been climbing a lot....You're in where?.......What are you doing in Utah!?....You're in a sand storm!?"
By now the lady trying to buy a spork is looking at me like I'm a fruitcake. I told her sorry but she would have to wait because my old manager needed help with his sand storm.
"Alex, hey, yeah, I'm with a customer so I can't check the weather right now but....three days?! Hah! Dude...Yeah hang in there buddy, I'll get somebody."

So Alex was caught in a sandstorm. In Utah. But I think he's out now and we're happy for him. But we still miss him, especially when Pandora plays Nappy Dreads.

Surprise attack on his last day, doh!

In other news, the mail brought me a new picture of the missionary I support in India. It's been four years since his last one, and he looks the same, except for the beard and a little Indian lady standing next to him all smiley. I'm not surprised he got married because he's very hansom. Anyway, congratulations to Sachin and Ashawini!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Thursday, April 03, 2008


Sorry! There's nothing worse than a lazy updater, so I will take this time to update you with all kinds of fancy details.

Well, as of right now my hand feels like it's on fire. I was helping put together a tricky Camelback display at work. The cool part is that Michael actually hammered one of the components to fit the other. The gnarly part is that the chunky part of my hand got in the way when we put the two pieces together, and there was literally a piece of my hand still between the metal parts. Even after I pulled the rest of my hand away.

Okay, I just made it sound a lot worse than it was. But seriously! It was gross. Blood. I was just like, "Uhhh...", Mike was all, "" and Gray was foraging around for the first aid kit, which he found.

So that's my life. Working, mostly at Mountain High. For instance, tonight we had a clinic for Big Agnes and Granite Gear, which wouldn't have been worth it except for the shwag. There have been a lot of changes at the shop. We lost our fearless leader, Alex With A Unidread, to a knee-jerk trip out West. Bry-con is our new manager, The Duke is assistant managing, and I'm a key holder. As impressed as you may be with me right now, the only difference is that I can lock (and unlock) the door. Honestly this job is the best thing I could've done to prepare for the backpacking trip.

Oh yeah! I'm going backpacking through Europe with Jeanette. We have tickets to Dublin. Leaving in May. Indefinite stay. Will come back when the money runs out. Hopefully will make it through Italy. We will be taking our climbing shoes.

And on that note, The Duke has been taking this gym rat for some outdoor climbing. He helped me do my first lead climb at Sandrock. On the most recent trip I attempted my second lead climb on a 5.10b. I can't lie here, man. It was stokage. Lead climbing is fun. Besides mind over matter, my main motto for outdoor climbing is if you don't try, you'll never know. It's surprising what you can do when you stop thinking about how you can't do it.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

phone pass

One day I was talking to a former dorm baby, Samantha...

who is back at Bible College in Socal, when suddenly another former dorm baby, Cathrin...

walks by, who somehow avoided getting wedgied by me the previous semester. And I talked to her. Then I find myself talking to Longacre...(who, if you've ever seen dance or climb a pole, you'd understand why Sam and I have been calling him Mogli)

And then Alex...

And then Sweet Peaches Zachary...

And then Messy Jessy...

And then back to Bikinis...

And it was shankin awesome. Totally made my week. It made me very much miss California, and all the people in it. And the surf.

Also, I hope it's not creeper that I got these pictures off facebook and now I'm using them for my personal website. Muhhh, I'm a freak.

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